We’re all about taking it off the mat. This is the yoga you go to when you’ve missed your bus and your Uber driver is giving you mad creep vibes. This is the yoga for when you’re at family dinner and Uncle Ron said something super offensive about feminism. This is the yoga that picks you up after your partner of 5 years breaks up with you. This shit is real and this is yoga in action.


We curate and create content that inspires and speaks to your highest self. You know, the “you” when you’re feeling at your best-  Connected, in-awe, present, grateful, heart wide open with perfect hair and an ethereal smile. We know you don’t always feel this way and we’re here to remind you to chill because it’s always within you.


Whether it's cool shit, words of wisdom, a recipe to get you in the kitchen or tunes to play in bed- the purpose is to empower you to be the kindest, most conscious version of yourself.  We are intentional with what we share and we do our best to keep it lighthearted without losing depth. Because, at the end of the day, while enlightenment is rad, we all just want to have fun.  


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