My First Time

Everybody has an interesting story about their first time. Doing yoga, that is. Overwhelming, terrible, sweaty, euphoric... we heard it all in our My First Time Zine (available at Tight Club, Little Mountain Shop, Hot Art Wet City, Nice Vice, The Juice Truck, Landyachtz, MELU Juice Bar, and more!) Here are some of our favourite stories, because there's nothing like a little throwback to remind us how far we've come.

I was 23. I was working as a marketing assistant for a tech startup and I didn’t know anyone, and the girl who was in charge of the fun things at the startup would bring in a yoga teacher. Her name’s Allie Maz. I surprised myself; I was pretty bendy, I was pretty flexible, but I’d never done anything slow and controlled before.

It was in the office. We turned our work environment into a zen environment... and it was great. It was cool to be around people in a more vulnerable state than how I knew them. I was the new girl. Everyone was really good at their job and I kinda sucked at my job, but when we were doing yoga, we were all the same. We didn’t suck, we weren’t good, we were all just doing it. And there was no sense of competition. I think there was four or five of us, a nice small group.

I didn’t know what to wear, and this girl brought her hot yoga onesie with her just for me, because I’d forgotten it was yoga day. It was a very sexy, very minimal lululemon onesie with, like, underwear lining. There was no bra lining, so I think I had to wear a normal bra with this yoga onesie and I looked ridiculous. I felt very comfortable, the movement was very free, but it was like... cool, I’m doing forward folds in front of a bunch of dudes. So yeah.

Fast forward five years and Allie Maz is one of my best friends, and she owns a rad studio in North Van called The Distrikt.


Yash @ this open space

My first time doing yoga was at Bikram Yoga on Commercial Drive... I was 22 or 23. I didn’t realize it was going to be that hot, so I had normal clothes on. I was kind of awkward about taking my shirt off, but then I did fully after like, the first pose. It was really crowded, I remember, and I didn’t realize there was going to be so much ass-in-face, but it was really enjoyable. I like the heat and I like the lengthiness of it, and I usually fall asleep at the end of Bikram when we’re in Shavanasa. I went for a few years after that.

The last time I did yoga was at Social Yoga. It was a surprise birthday gift. I like to go, I just don’t, so I was surprised and forced to go.


Natasha @ Little Mountain Shop

My first time doing yoga was in Toronto, my cousin wanted to go. It wasn’t that long ago, to be honest. I was probably in my early 20’s. We went to Moksha, and I didn’t have any yoga clothes with me, so they found me a really small tank top. I had never done yoga, but learned I was really flexible, because I was able to do all the moves. It was my uncle, my cousin and I... a nice family bonding moment.

I found out that I actually really enjoyed sweating, because usually I’m not athletic and I don’t do any sports, so hot yoga was a nice way to learn how to relax and get some fitness in. I think I fell asleep in my first shavasana. I just remember feeling good, feeling cleansed.

From there, I tried different studios when I was back home in Vancouver. I had always owned yoga clothes before, and never used them for yoga, and now they actually had a purpose.