Digging Deep with Ashley From Feelosophy Yoga

We recently teamed up with Ashley Brodeur of Feelosophy Yoga for our Yoga Massage series, and we just can't get enough. In fact, we're feeling #allthefeels so much that we're bringing her back for another class on March 28th (click here for more details). This week, we got the scoop on Ashley and learned more about how Feelosophy was born. All photos from Ashley's Instagram [@ashernoelle + @feelosophyyoga].

What brought you to Vancouver?

I moved here on a whim. I left University after my second year to travel, as I felt stuck and lost where I had previously lived. Vancouver was unknown, and that was very appealing. I could start fresh. 

Inspiration behind Feelosophy Yoga?

People need to be touched more! Not in a creepy, or even in a romantic way, but in a “I see you, you are important, you are valued and loved - type of way” that I felt was missing from most people's lives. If you live away from family, are single, or live on your own, human connection can be rare. I found that when I offered hands-on adjustments during my yoga classes, people were very receptive and kept asking for more. I think touch can be very powerful and that is what I want to offer with Feelosophy. 


What first got you interested in pursuing this project?

There is a trend in yoga returning to slow, juicy, long-hold style of practice. People spend so much of their days rushing around and trying to do it all, restorative yoga offers them a chance to slow down. It gives people the chance to pause completely. To me, massage and touch is that added magic. It allows you to fully surrender and melt. I wanted to combine the two to give people the ultimate experience. 

Best part about what you do?

It's my job to make people happy. When I give someone a savasana massage and see their whole body relax, it's amazing. You get to see people LET GO. When people show up to practice, they take down the walls we are all so good at putting up. To interact with people as their truest selves is the best kind of work. I get to meet some incredible people. 


How have you seen your students practice change as a result of adjustments?

The biggest thing I ask of my students is to listen to their body, not from a place of judgement (which we are so good at doing) but listening from a place of love. What does your body need? Where do you need to soften, release, melt and let go? By offering adjustments you are creating more space for the student to soften, which they can then bring into other areas of their lives. 

Your favorite song right now?

I am a big Leon Bridges fan. His whole album is rocking my life right now, but I also am a huge fan of 90’s throwbacks. Savage Garden, anyone? 


Your motto:

#allthefeels --- This is the motto of Feelosophy, but also for me, personally. I want people to fully experience who they are, how they are feeling, and ROCK it. If you feel happy, LAUGH OUT LOUD. If you are sad, cry. If you are in LOVE, shout it out. It was Anita who said “your feelings are not an inconvenience,” and I truly believe that. Give yourself the space to feel, to breathe, to live... that is what life is all about. 

What simple adjustment could we try at home?

Legs up the wall is AMAZING. Or if you have a roommate/partner/Tindr hookup/friend, go into child's pose and get them to lie on your back, with their bum resting right above your sacrum and stomach facing up to the ceiling. It's a nice release for your lower back, and they get a great back bend and heart opener from it.