Digging Deep with All-City Athletics

This week, we're digging deep with the brains (and brawn) of All-City Athletics. Meet Jordan Bowers and Anna Farrant, boxing trainers-in-charge at our upcoming Partnerwork Series in April. You can find them (and us!) at Eastside Boxing Club, throwing punches, trying acro yoga, and generally working up a sweat. Get to know Anna, Jordan, and what makes All-City Athletics so rad.

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So, how did you two meet?

J: We met through training out of Anna's work, Save On Meats, when we started our first restaurant rumble training. We both boxed at different gyms at the time.  

A: We met in a meat locker. Seriously though.. Jordan was running the Aprons for Gloves sessions at Save On Meats and I worked there at the time. I had volunteered to help out and he was weary of me at first - HA - but then decided I was cool enough to stick around.


Tell us about your pets!

J: Actually more of a cat person, but I really love being free of pet hair.  

A: None right now.. My lifestyle doesn’t really suit it, but you can find me on the street harassing other people's dogs. I dream of having a Bernese Mountain Dog ranch when I am old.  And lots of cats! Cats and dogs that are best friends! #dreamlife


What's the inspiration behind All City Athletics?

J: Bringing boxing and fitness to people who might not be your typical fitness scenester. Boxing has a great allure, but it can also be intimidating to walk into a gym and start training. We like to have a place where anyone who's ever wanted to try boxing, or build that sweet fighter physique, can come through. It's creating the environment and workout style that we love to do and sharing it with anyone with a good sense of humour and a desire to sweat and punch.  

A: The inspiration was really to turn our passion project of volunteering teaching boxing into our full time job. We spent years training together and thought one day, "Why not quit our day jobs.." So we did!


First time boxing: go!

J: Worst. Took ages to get the basics down, and when I started sparring, those were the longest minutes of my life. 

A: Basement of the Astoria Hotel.  I vividly remember how my arms were trembling after... I was equal parts totally freaked out and super hooked by how challenging It was.




Any tips for beginners?

J: Hardest thing to do is show up. Once you're there, don't rush it. Get the rhythm... the feet and the hands gotta work together. It's dancing.  

A: TRY IT OUT! So many people mention that boxing or boxing gyms can be intimidating... I feel like if you can get out of your comfort zone and try it out, you will realize that everyone is super authentic and down to earth. Lots of places like Eastside Boxing (and All-City) have beginner classes to help you learn all the basics!


Latest discovery:

J: The importance of sleeping enough and keeping up to date on your taxes.  

A: I don’t like Mexico. Its not really Mexico’s fault, really. I just got SUPER sick when we went on vacation two weeks ago, and the thought of a bur*ito (AKA death trap) makes me cringe. I hope to get over it soon, but until then... no hay tacos favor (no tacos please!)


Coolest thing that's happened to you while boxing:

J: Might be one of the three best things that ever happened to me.  

A: I guess the “coolest” thing is actually executing something you have been working on for a while... The one time I landed a liver shot after my coach was yelling at me, “GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!!” and I did.  But I think it's pretty cool to watch people put it together and progress in the sport. It's so frustrating when you start, and it makes you feel like you don’t know your lefts from your rights!!


What gets you hyped?

J: Jokes and cappuccinos. Sometimes it takes me a while to get hyped, but usually I clap my hands and say, "whooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" 

Also having peeps around who like to have a good time gets me hyped. 





A: Dogs... I mentioned that, I think.. And a day when I can sleep in! For sure a day off with Jordan is pretty great! I will take that and good piece of Tiramisu #satisfied

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