Summer Skin at The Soap Dispensary

Warmer days mean bikes rides, beach strolls, hiking, camping trips, and any other excuse we can come up with to put ourselves directly in the way of the sun's rays. In search of local, natural remedies in sustainable packaging, we asked Linh (the brains behind The Soap Dispensary) for her go-to skin care products for summer weather. 

With the sudden onslaught of sunny days, we found ourselves in need of advice on how to stay burn-free... or at least, how to recover a little quicker. Since we're not six anymore *oh, when ignorance was bliss* just lathering up with synthetic drugstore chemicals and hoping for the best won't cut it. Here's Linh with the goods for staying soft, smooth, and sweet-smelling this summer (plus, back up if that sunscreen washes off....)


Sweat (sweetly).

Sweating is good for you. Natural deodorants inhibit bacteria and odor while still allowing you to sweat out toxins. And at The Soap Dispensary, you can pick your (not) poison: The Healing Tree makes a baking soda-based natural deodorant stick, and Dom's makes a coconut oil cream-like deodorant that Linh also recommends for smelly feet. 




It helps rejuvenate the skin by sloughing off the dry and dead stuff on top. It also makes shaving smoother and allows exposed skin in shorts and swimsuits to breathe better.

Pumice stones are great for rough areas, like the elbows and heels... especially when you're going barefoot or wearing sandals everyday.

Dry massage brushes can be used before hopping in the shower everyday. Brush in circular motions over your entire body for exfoliation, increased blood circulation, and to help with draining the lymphatic system. Linh swears it's like drinking coffee without the afternoon crash.


Use a sugar scrub from Fable Naturals on clean skin and "your skin will feel like a baby's bum when you get out of the shower." The sugar and essential oils inside exfoliate and moisturize weather-worn skin all at the same time.

If ingrown hairs and ashy skin make shaving a summer bummer, The Copper Hat's pre-shave leg polish offers a thicker scrub than Fable's, and it's chock-full of oils to help soften prickly hairs and dry skin.


If you've tried natural sunscreens before, you'll know it's a rare find to come across a non-sticky, absorbent formula that doesn't leave weird streaks. Royal Herbs Sunscreen is the answer: a mineral-based SPF 45 face sunscreen that goes on smooth, doesn't crease, and totally disappears under makeup (I can vouch for this one, I use it everyday!) 

Damage control.

When adventure calls and there's no sunscreen in sight, the accidental burn has been known to occur. Plain aloe vera gel is your friend. It applies like lotion, and it lasts longer much longer than liquid. Smooth over sunburns to soothe the burn, cool it off, and reduce inflammation.

You'll be back at it again with a sun tan in no time.




You can find all these products (and more) at The Soap Dispensary on Main, and they'll even refill your favorites when you run out.