Digging Deep With Alexa

This week, we're chatting with Alexa, the gal behind BodyThoughts. She's a photographer who aims to challenge the way people experience the world through their bodies, and she'll be telling her story at The Storytelling Series in June.

Tell us about what you do:

I take and make pictures and visual content. I give creative direction, curate and manage social media accounts. I design clothes for my partner’s company, Friends Made. I cook and bike and just started taking a pottery class with my bestest friends. 


What's currently on your playlist?

Beyonce’s Lemonade. 


How did you develop the idea behind Body Thoughts?

I wanted to shake things up and honestly, I was tired of having the same conversation over and over with women about their bodies when they were in front of my camera. I saw this as being a symptom of a larger issue of female objectification. And I felt the same as my subjects in my own body, the constant not good enough feeling around my looks. Putting myself in front of my own camera was an opportunity to reclaim my voice as a woman and artist. 


Last thing that inspired you?

The launch event of SPACE, a new collaborative hub I’m helping build here in Vancouver.


Three words to describe yourself:

Driven. Tenacious. Honest. (this is hard to answer…)


Best way to spend a rainy day:

In bed… obviously.


Favorite ice cream?



How do you approach the unknown?

Sometimes with fear, other times with courage. 


What's next for Body Thoughts?

Selling the large scale prints or producing another show in San Francisco. 

Favorite place in the world:

Right now… my parent’s place in Florida.