Digging Deep with Lisa & Olivia

In honour of Mother's Day, we're chatting with mother-daughter duo Lisa & Olivia (honorary Social Yoga OG's) about life, Lululemon, and the pursuit of Costco cheese trays. 

So how did you two start doing yoga together?

L - Olivia thought it would be a good idea to try and that I would like it. I thought it would be great for us to try something new together, as we both enjoy doing yoga at home.

O - I found Social Yoga through Instagram and did the first series on my own as an adventure. It was at the Juice Truck Store and I loved the experience. Because we're so similar, I invited my mom to the next series and knew she would love it, too.

Your favorite cliche?

L - Not sure if it's a cliche, but this quote has been in my wallet since 2004, so I would say it's my favourite: "We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us."

O - Not sure if it's "cliche," but I think giving and receiving flowers is the best cliche and one that should never become outdated.

Best place for a mom-daughter date?

L - When we have a block of time together, we pick some recipes and shop for ingredients. We love to swing by The Soap Dispensary and refill bottles, and then a date at the Naam. I enjoy any cozy spot to just hang out, slow the pace down, laugh together and share stuff... doesn't really matter where as long as we are finding time to be together.

O - One of my favourite spots to go with my mom would be Meet on Main. I love the feel of the place, and I would never say no to a good vegan burger. Our favourite thing to share is the cauliflower bites!!

Any pets?

L - BEST pet ever. Our fur baby is a 3-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog named Stella.

O - We take her on every hike we do, but she hasn't quite mastered yoga YET.

Family vacation disaster stories?

L - In 2011, we took a family trip to L.A. We thought it would be smart to buy groceries at Costco to save time and money. However, we may have overestimated how much we would eat, as we were left with a ton of food on the last day. I remember the girls in the back seat, trying to finish off a Costco cheese tray on the way to the airport. They were less than thrilled, and still to this day, we have never bought that tray again.

O - Last summer, my mom and I decided to do a trail race at the peak of Whistler Blackcomb. Since it was around August, we thought Lululemon shorts and tanks would be appropriate. We were so, so wrong. We were greeted by pouring rain, hail, wind, and we basically froze, but it was such a "once in a lifetime" experience.

Favorite yoga pose?

L - My favourite pose would have to be a triangle pose, because my body feels stretched and free. I am on the shorter side, so any pose that makes me feel a little taller is my favourite.

O - My favourite pose is an extended side angle pose, because it feels powerful and I like poses where I am looking towards the sky. Another would be crow pose, taught to me by Anita after many, many falls to the mat.

Your spirit animal?

L - I think my spirit animal would be a wolf because family, my pack, comes first. Also, an online quiz told me I was!

O - I think I might be an otter- something playful that enjoys sunshine and being social.

What's your favorite thing to do together?

L - Our favourite thing to do together is hike and get lunch after. Usually a trail on the North Shore, followed by lunch at Naam.

O - Probably hiking, or trail running. We're also addicted to a few shows on Netflix, and we can't go ahead of each other with episodes so it gets pretty intense. Currently, it's House of Cards but we've also loved The Good Wife, Grey's Anatomy, etc. 

Current obsessions:

L - My current obsession is definitely essential oils... My favourite is the Lavender & Patchouli oil from Banyen Books.

O - Current obsession would have to be medjool dates, either on their own or in a smoothie with bananas & almond milk.

How are you celebrating this Mother's Day?

L - I'm looking forward to the surprise, I don't like to know the plan before the morning of Mother's Day! By far the best thing about mom's day is the homemade cards and notes inside.

O - Probably something low-key and fun. In past years, my sister and I have done simple things like breakfast in bed and day trips to Seattle, and as long as we get to spend time together, my mom is happy.