Digging Deep with Rachel

Rachel is the gal behind Social Yoga Online and resident acro + yoga instructor. She'll be discussing the history and mystery of yoga as a featured speaker at The Storytelling Series, our Ted Talk-meets-yoga class.

What’s your story?

Deep South native / raised in the Southwest / studying in New England / taking a semester in the PNW... unromanticized nomadic yogini by lineage, mostly because I got dragged long distances by yoga-practicing adults as a kid. 

I ended up here because I fell in love with BC on a 3-month-long road trip last summer.

During Vancouver Pride, my best friend and I ended up doing acrobatics on a float (in short, we thought the parade was over and started walking down the middle of the road, only to be swept up onto the approaching "Whatever Floats Your Boat Float." Fitting.) 

From there, met awesome folks who connected us with the badassery that is MuseumEats, and I found Social Yoga via their collaborative events.   

Give us some straight talk:

After years of being lukewarm on Beyonce and vehemently anti-sheep mentality, especially about music, I've been converted by Lemonade. It's brilliant, and so raw. I ain't sorry.


What is your favourite mythical story?

My teacher used to tell us this story about the most renowned Vedic chanter in the world. He dedicated everything to his practice and people came from villages far and wide to hear him chant. At the end of his life of devotion, Shiva (the Destroyer aka The Auspicious One aka The Real 6 God) came to the chanter's home, only to approach his bedside and tell him that he was going to have to do it all over. "Hmmm, I guess I wasn't good enough..." thought the chanter to himself.

In his next life, the chanter studied harder, became even more dedicated, and gathered an even larger following. However, his efforts were in vain. As Shiva arrived by his deathbed, the chanter was sent back to Earth to try once more. The chanter couldn't believe his luck, especially after chanting better than in his last life (which, not to flex, wasn't too shabby.) At the end of his third lifetime, Shiva just walked up, shook his head, and said,

"If all that you have learned dies with you, then it is for nothing."

11855809_10205034177389279_2017380082853006683_n (1).jpg

So the chanter was reborn, but this time, he shared his knowledge with anyone who took an interest. All throughout his life, he taught as he learned. When he lay dying, so many of his students came to honor him that Shiva could barely get to the front door. Shiva saw that the chanter understood his past error and finally granted him the ability to transcend human form.

Then, the chanter was like, "Dude, you couldn't have told me that on like, my second life?" That's not what he said, but you get the idea. Don't hoard knowledge, share it.



If you were a goddess card, what realm would you rule? (eg. Love, peace, pizza)

Ice cream. 


Can’t live without...

- Going places

- Bending into shapes

- Doing stuff with words

- Combining foods

- Green space


Best Vancouver memory?

One of my favorite quintessentially Vancouver-y days included climbing to the top of a giant tree in the median at 26th & Cambie, going to Off The Grid for matcha cheesecake waffles and milkshakes, and then doing acroyoga while the sun set over Crab park.

Whats next for you?

I'm headed to Woodinville, Washington to WWOOF on a goat farm. I've been waiting for the opportune moment to learn the art of cheesemaking.