We kicked off The Cheapest Yoga Retreat Ever series by kayaking up the The Sunshine Coast, camping on the beach, and downward dogging on the warm, island sand. Check out the recap below, and hop on one of our next trips in July or August!

After picking up the crew, we hopped on the morning to ferry to Langdale and enjoyed the sea breeze, tea and coffee in hand. Once docked, we were back at it in double kayaks, paddling our way to Thormanby Island (with a few stops to say hi to friendly harbor seals and bald eagles along the way.)

We set up camp on Buckaneer Bay with Grapefruit Ales and Hey Y'alls in hand, then rewarded our hard work with a total smorgasbord of good cheeses, olive tapenade, smoked oysters (waddup), hummus, crackers, veggies, and chocolate. 

Everyone grabbed a brand new lulu towel from their Social Yoga swag bags, and we hit the sand for vinyasa to the sound of waves crashing + Anita's portable speaker (shoutout to this playlist).

After shavasana, the whole squad took to the water, and some of us even took a mud bath... rustic spa day, anyone?

Two of the gals collected wood for a campfire, and everyone dined fireside on fresh sourdough toast and veggie chili. We took a long pause to watch the sunset over the ocean before sighing our way back to the fire for salted dark chocolate s'mores. We roasted one-too-many marshmallows and let the giggles from spooky and silly story-telling carry us off to sleep.

In the morning, we hit the beach (aka walked two steps out of our tents) for tanning, reading, and lounging on driftwood. We did breakfast right with eggs and avocado toast + Sriracha, plus fresh fruit and tea to fuel up for the kayak back. After packing everything in, we launched our kayaks and headed to Sechelt. 

After returning to civilization, we stopped off for tea & coffee, then headed to a grassy beach for partner stretching and acro yoga. After testing our trust, balance, and partner work skills, everyone worked up a major appetite. We had a massive picnic in the park, chatted in the sunshine, wrote each other letters, and headed back to catch the ferry.

On the ride home, we did a guided meditation on the sun deck and practiced inversions with the added challenge of boat rocking. Everyone hit shore blissed out... now we're just waiting for our next TCYRE in July!