Digging Deep With Vince

Meet Vince, the brains + brawn behind the Burrard Bike Crew. Catch him at the Social Yoga Bike Gang on July 14th for a cruise around town, yoga, and craft brews.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the Burrard Bike Crew -

I founded Montreal's biggest fixed gear crew, The Starley Rover Society. (CBC did a little piece about me and that club - enjoy if you understand French!) I also am sponsored by Team iBike, a fixed gear racing team based on the east coast. Team iBike is supported by lululemon in Montreal, so when I moved to Vancouver recently, lululemon offered to keep supporting me on the west coast, and with the help of my friend Richard Morris, we developed the idea of a casual bike crew based around the simpleness of the fixed gear bike, yet open to all types of bikes and riders.

It's a simple and fun way to gather fun people and explore Vancouver, and mix cycling with other fun activities.

Strangest place you've fallen asleep?

On the WWII D-Day beach in Normandy, while touring in Europe on my bike.


Tell us about your very first bike:

Simply the most amazing piece of engineering and raw beauty I ever got my hands on. I was 5 and my dad got me a brand new Raleigh kid's mountain bike. It was very basic, yet for me, simply the most amazing thing I could ever ride and show off.

I've had many bikes since then, but that Raleigh was like the first time you have sex. You get hurt and have vivid memories of those moments. Things improve after that, but there'll always be something unique about that first time.

Favourite late night snack:

Classic drunk or hangover poutine, of course.


Best bike route on a rainy day?

Half Nelson, Tinder & Your Mom mountain bike trails in Squamish.


Best bike route with a view?

The suburbs of California: https://vimeo.com/164373281 

Last great movie you saw:

I don't spend a lot of time watching movies, as I feel they're a great way of missing out on staying fit and enjoying the outdoors. Yet I have to say, I was really charmed with the movie Her. Interesting perspective on how mobile devices and artificial intelligence are on their way to taking too much space in our lives. I have a love-hate relationship with cell phones and social media.


Any advice for beginner bike enthusiasts?

Invest in a decent bike. You won't want to bike more if you're riding a Canadian Tire bike. Support your local bike shop. Don't be afraid to wear tight, sexy, aerodynamic and comfortable spandex. Remember that it's just riding bikes. Just have fun and push yourself to explore more places on your bike. Do have beers and connect with fellow riders after rides.


Current obsessions:

Single speed cyclocross. That crispy chicken burrito from Tacofino. Surfing. Disco music.