Digging Deep With DJ EL RIZZY

This week we're digging deep with DJ El Rizzy (aka Rob, aka Rizzy F Baby) aka Social Yoga's resident DJ. El Rizzy kept it lit during Anita's flow class at the 604 summer series kick-off this Wednesday, and soon you can find him spinning at The Summer Studio


If you had a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

Broccolis the Dog would be a Shiba/Husky cross and we would never be apart. I would drop all of my other friends and he would play all my opening sets.


What's one weird way you unwind?

I love boxing and full contact sports, but in my quietest moments I'm planning Dungeons & Dragons games for my friends. I am not-so-secretly a huge nerd.


Least favourite word?

"Exposure" as in "We don't have a budget but this would be great exposure for you."


Top 3 music industry role models?

DJ-wise, A-Trak is incredible because of his ability to play all-genre free format sets. He has been at the top of the industries of all sorts of dance music: He's won the DMCs turntablist competition, his label has put out important dance and hiphop albums, and he brought back Armand Van Helden and "fun" house music again from the 90s. I really like people who don't define themselves by a single genre or type of music.

Chance the Rapper has possibly the worst name of any MC, but puts out such amazing, heartfelt music. He raps about his faith, his family, his dreams and things that create a type of intimacy you don't get with most musicians, let alone hip-hop artists. He also releases all of his projects for free and is on some next level business planning.

Ryan Hemsworth is a Canadian treasure who constantly strives to put out music that uses sounds and samples that nobody else would consider. He also runs a great label that brings us others pushing the envelope of modern music.

Best restaurant in the city?

New Town Bakery and their pork buns 90% of the time, the best price/tasty ratio in the city. Hawksworth if I'm fancy (I AM NOT FANCY).


One venue where you'd really like to perform:

Has anyone DJ'd in space yet? I feel like space music hasn't really gotten its due. After we lost David Bowie people aren't making enough albums about astronauts and shit. We have Coheed and Cambria and NO ONE ELSE.


How do you really feel about Kanye? 

Kanye is an egotistical jerk and a literal crazy person. That being said, he channels that into his art so much that he lives under immense pressure to deliver on his insane claims. He believes he is this generations most important artist and therefore everything he produces is the best possible work. I think Kanye is incredible just as someone with that kind of drive. The Life of Pablo is a top 3 of 2016 album unless you're boring or a mole person, so what he's doing is working.

Currently listening to...

My own internal monologue, Kandi-Don't_Think_I'm_Not.mp3, Douglas Coupland's "Microserfs" book on tape for the 20th time.


Tell us about one of your top DJ'ing experiences:

I've been lucky enough to have DJ'd in a lot of places for big crowds, but I think my ultimate favourite DJ experience is small party we do every year at The Distrikt retreat. We jam some sound gear and 30-40 best friends in a cabin, and everyone knows all the words to every song. I get to wave my hands around and play secret music that clubgoers don't have the patience for. There is something special when you have a close relationship with the people you're playing music to.