Digging Deep with Armin from Lost Boy. Cards

Can you describe yourself in three words? 

Charismatic, Imaginative, Ambitious

You're a busy guy, what's on your plate right now? 

Currently working full-time on my clothing line, Priory, which I co-own with my business partner. And making greeting cards of course!


It looks like fashion is a big passion of yours, how did you get into greeting cards? Where did the inspiration for Lost Boy. come from? 

I was always doodling when I was younger and I got inspired to start making greeting cards when I wanted to put my ideas into something bigger. I had an emotional outpour of creativity after a confusing time post-breakup, so I partnered with my technically-inclined friend Abdallah El Chami to start Lost Boy.. 


Can you walk us through the process of creating a card? (Eg. where do the ideas come from?) 

I use the inspiration I get from the relationships I’ve had and put them onto paper. From there, we choose which ideas are best and then start the design process. After, the cards are sent to our printers for production. 


Hollywood and Cosmo likes to paint guys as these emotional walls. Were you always in touch with feeling the feels? 

Let’s just say I always cry at the end of Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise says “You complete me" to Renee Zellweger.


Have you ever used one of the lines from your cards on someone you were dating? 

It’s mostly the opposite. I’ll be dating someone and I’ll say something or maybe even they say something to me and I quickly jot the words down. Everything you see on the cards/doodles is authentic and has been said or drawn to someone before. Shoutout to my exes/girls I’ve been in love with.


What did you cover in your emotional intelligence workshop for youth? 

Was inspired by a friend who actually concentrates her studies on this topic and eventually worked with a teacher to try and form a fun, casual program to work with kids on. Not really trying to teach anything, but more to spread a positive message and make it “cool" to have feelings!


What can we expect from your workshop at the summer studio?

Just talking about our feelings and trying to express creativity through feelings of love!


And lastly, with all that you do, how do you unwind? Do you do any yoga? 

I love to read and play sports (mainly soccer and basketball), but running/swimming is the best way for me to get into my head and lose myself in the moment. I’ve been doing yoga for almost ten years as well, which also helps.