Digging Deep with Riley Harris from Landyachtz

We love boardsports of the surf & snow kind but something's always held us back from diving into that #skatelyfe. (Perhaps it's the idea that when you bail, you bail onto cold, hard, unforgiving concrete.) Luckily, we have Riley, an expert from Landyachtz, in the studio next week to teach us a thing or two. Kick, push, and stretch with us in class here: (link) and read up on the man, the legend, below. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m 24 years old, I originally hail from Calgary, Alberta, and I’ve been a professional longboarder for 7 years.


How long have you been longboarding? 

I’ve been longboarding for over a decade now.


Best city to skate in?

Vancouver, British Columbia of course!


Favourite board sport? (surf, snow, etc.) 

Longboarding for sure. Snow skating is a close second. Also recently tried wakeboarding. Great fun!


Most memorable experience on a board?

Becoming the 2015 Sullivan Challenge Champion


Most memorable experience at Landyachtz? 

The Christmas party in 2014 – things got interesting once the karaoke machine was turned on…


Where is your secret Vancouver spot? (to hang out, for food, whatever) 

There is a special tree somewhere along Cambie Street that is ideal for hanging out and climbing. You can’t be told where it is, only showed by someone who knows…


Can you give us 3 hot tips for beginners? 

How about we leave that for the skate lesson. See you there!