GET IN THE KITCHEN: Hardboiled Eggs That Don't Suck.

As kids, eggs were one of the first things we learned to cook by ourselves. Cooking them well? Eh... that took a bit longer. The Food Lab, an awesomely nerdy cooking guide, gave us the scientific lowdown on why our eggs sucked and how to make them better. Here's the expert protocol on making hardboiled eggs like a boss... you'll be flaunting your new brunch stunts over Salmon Niçoise or fancy avo toasts in no time.

 Dang, I wish my eggs didn't suck...

Dang, I wish my eggs didn't suck...


My eggs stick to the inside of the shell when I try and peel them.


Slowly bringing eggs to a boil causes the whites to fuse with the shell... it's still edible, but it feels pretty lame to have to scoop an egg out of the shell with a spoon.


By the time the yolk is cooked through, the whites have gone all rubbery on me.


Dropping eggs into boiling water causes the outer layer to set more quickly than the inside, making the finished product an unevenly cooked egg *womp.*



Start the eggs in boiling water for just long enough to set the whites (but not long enough to stick to the shell), then quickly lower the temperature by adding ice cubes to the water so the yolk can finish cooking evenly.



You'll need... 2 quarts water + 6 large eggs + 12 ice cubes

1. Pour water into a lidded 3-quart saucepan and boil on high.

2. Lower the eggs (carefully) and wait 30 seconds, then add ice cubes.

3. Keep the heat on high and allow water to return to a boil.

4. Reduce to below a simmer and cook for 11 minutes. 

5. Drain and let eggs cool completely, then crack all over and peel under cold, running water. 

Voila! The bomb-est hardboiled eggs ever.

For a simple but killer breakfast, top some smashed avo toast with sliced eggs, a sprinkle of sea salt & a drizzle of Sriracha.