It's been a few weeks since we've gone camping and to hype us up for this weekend's retreat (still two spots!), we decided to walk down memory lane and recap our last retreat in July:

After rounding up the troops and packing our lives into five double kayaks, we were off and away to Dinoisio point from Retreat Cove on Galiano Island. We were told it would be a 4 hour paddle so we took our time, admiring the incredible homes along the shoreline.  (Pictured: Not an incredible home but an old (& possibly, definitely haunted) old Marina.) 

Just two short hours of paddling later, we arrived! First view from Dionisio Park during Lunch. 

Our crew quickly settled in with some kicking back for a beach read and others going for a swim & tan on the sandstone shelves. 

Eventually, we got ready for yoga- smoothing out the sand to create a makeshift studio. 

As the sun started to set, we gathered 'round and had dinner 

Post dinner- not pictured: Monopoly Deal, & the chats we had around the lantern. 

The next morning, we were up bright and early- seemingly before the rest of the world woke up. 

We took down our tents, made breakfast, and then we were off to make sure we made it home before the currents became less favourable. 

Watching the rest of our crew as they made it past the tricky Tricomali Channel. 

One of two ferry rides with the best gang around. Not pictured: a heated game of The Resistance. 

Til next time, Gulf Islands. We left a little piece of our heart here. 

All photos from Anita or #yogagoescamping hashtag. 


We kicked off The Cheapest Yoga Retreat Ever series by kayaking up the The Sunshine Coast, camping on the beach, and downward dogging on the warm, island sand. Check out the recap below, and hop on one of our next trips in July or August!

After picking up the crew, we hopped on the morning to ferry to Langdale and enjoyed the sea breeze, tea and coffee in hand. Once docked, we were back at it in double kayaks, paddling our way to Thormanby Island (with a few stops to say hi to friendly harbor seals and bald eagles along the way.)

We set up camp on Buckaneer Bay with Grapefruit Ales and Hey Y'alls in hand, then rewarded our hard work with a total smorgasbord of good cheeses, olive tapenade, smoked oysters (waddup), hummus, crackers, veggies, and chocolate. 

Everyone grabbed a brand new lulu towel from their Social Yoga swag bags, and we hit the sand for vinyasa to the sound of waves crashing + Anita's portable speaker (shoutout to this playlist).

After shavasana, the whole squad took to the water, and some of us even took a mud bath... rustic spa day, anyone?

Two of the gals collected wood for a campfire, and everyone dined fireside on fresh sourdough toast and veggie chili. We took a long pause to watch the sunset over the ocean before sighing our way back to the fire for salted dark chocolate s'mores. We roasted one-too-many marshmallows and let the giggles from spooky and silly story-telling carry us off to sleep.

In the morning, we hit the beach (aka walked two steps out of our tents) for tanning, reading, and lounging on driftwood. We did breakfast right with eggs and avocado toast + Sriracha, plus fresh fruit and tea to fuel up for the kayak back. After packing everything in, we launched our kayaks and headed to Sechelt. 

After returning to civilization, we stopped off for tea & coffee, then headed to a grassy beach for partner stretching and acro yoga. After testing our trust, balance, and partner work skills, everyone worked up a major appetite. We had a massive picnic in the park, chatted in the sunshine, wrote each other letters, and headed back to catch the ferry.

On the ride home, we did a guided meditation on the sun deck and practiced inversions with the added challenge of boat rocking. Everyone hit shore blissed out... now we're just waiting for our next TCYRE in July!



Digging Deep With DJ EL RIZZY

This week we're digging deep with DJ El Rizzy (aka Rob, aka Rizzy F Baby) aka Social Yoga's resident DJ. El Rizzy kept it lit during Anita's flow class at the 604 summer series kick-off this Wednesday, and soon you can find him spinning at The Summer Studio


If you had a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?

Broccolis the Dog would be a Shiba/Husky cross and we would never be apart. I would drop all of my other friends and he would play all my opening sets.


What's one weird way you unwind?

I love boxing and full contact sports, but in my quietest moments I'm planning Dungeons & Dragons games for my friends. I am not-so-secretly a huge nerd.


Least favourite word?

"Exposure" as in "We don't have a budget but this would be great exposure for you."


Top 3 music industry role models?

DJ-wise, A-Trak is incredible because of his ability to play all-genre free format sets. He has been at the top of the industries of all sorts of dance music: He's won the DMCs turntablist competition, his label has put out important dance and hiphop albums, and he brought back Armand Van Helden and "fun" house music again from the 90s. I really like people who don't define themselves by a single genre or type of music.

Chance the Rapper has possibly the worst name of any MC, but puts out such amazing, heartfelt music. He raps about his faith, his family, his dreams and things that create a type of intimacy you don't get with most musicians, let alone hip-hop artists. He also releases all of his projects for free and is on some next level business planning.

Ryan Hemsworth is a Canadian treasure who constantly strives to put out music that uses sounds and samples that nobody else would consider. He also runs a great label that brings us others pushing the envelope of modern music.

Best restaurant in the city?

New Town Bakery and their pork buns 90% of the time, the best price/tasty ratio in the city. Hawksworth if I'm fancy (I AM NOT FANCY).


One venue where you'd really like to perform:

Has anyone DJ'd in space yet? I feel like space music hasn't really gotten its due. After we lost David Bowie people aren't making enough albums about astronauts and shit. We have Coheed and Cambria and NO ONE ELSE.


How do you really feel about Kanye? 

Kanye is an egotistical jerk and a literal crazy person. That being said, he channels that into his art so much that he lives under immense pressure to deliver on his insane claims. He believes he is this generations most important artist and therefore everything he produces is the best possible work. I think Kanye is incredible just as someone with that kind of drive. The Life of Pablo is a top 3 of 2016 album unless you're boring or a mole person, so what he's doing is working.

Currently listening to...

My own internal monologue, Kandi-Don't_Think_I'm_Not.mp3, Douglas Coupland's "Microserfs" book on tape for the 20th time.


Tell us about one of your top DJ'ing experiences:

I've been lucky enough to have DJ'd in a lot of places for big crowds, but I think my ultimate favourite DJ experience is small party we do every year at The Distrikt retreat. We jam some sound gear and 30-40 best friends in a cabin, and everyone knows all the words to every song. I get to wave my hands around and play secret music that clubgoers don't have the patience for. There is something special when you have a close relationship with the people you're playing music to. 


The Cheapest Yoga Retreat Ever (TCYRE) kicks off tomorrow and we couldn't be more excited! This time we're headed to the Sunshine Coast, but we'll be exploring awesome locations around BC all summer long. To get you inspired, check out some of our top picks (THAT AREN'T SURFING) in Tofino, one of our all-time favourite spots in BC.

1. The WWII Bomber Plane Crash Hike

This trail, which begins on the side of the highway, is one of the most unique hiking adventures ever. The path begins 15 telephone poles past the Radar Hill parking lot (if you're headed away from Tofino) and leads you to the site of a crashed WWII plane hidden deep in the rainforest. Look for a little sharpie drawing of a plane on the telephone pole to mark the start of your journey, and follow the flag markers all the way there.

MUST BRINGrain boots and a camera. This trail is extremely muddy, but totally worth it.


2. The Original Tacofino Truck

You can't fully appreciate the Tacofino taco until you understand its humble beginnings. Check out the first location, a wheel-less truck parked behind a surf shop, for the most epic fish taco this far north of the equator. It's always packed, but the wait is worth it. Plus, then you can go sit and reminisce in a Vancity Tacofino when you get home.  


 dreams do come true at the  Jensen's Bay Loft

dreams do come true at the Jensen's Bay Loft

3. Stay in an Airbnb 

Tofino's island-village vibes give way to some stunningly inspired next-level cabins. Check out Airbnb in Tofino for surprisingly affordable places to rent for a weekend, fill them with your friends, and then split the bill at the end. You'll pay less than what you would at a hotel, and you get the hot tub all to yourselves. This was, hands down, one of the most amazing places I've ever slept. 


4. Try the Kelp Stout at Tofino Brewing  

Speaking of seaweed, Tofino Brewing brews 40 pounds of it into their house stout. It tastes like salted chocolate, and the bottle art is worthy of getting as a tattoo. Plus, beer flights are cheap if you want to try all the flavours of the island (you do).

 ( source )


5. Visit The Wickannish Inn 

 It doesn't take long to start feeling like guests

It doesn't take long to start feeling like guests

You don't have to stay at The Wick to bask in its glory. This seaside resort and spa is an absolute must-see, even for budget travelers. Go for a stroll or surf at the beach, then catch the sunset over dinner and drinks in the lounge at The Pointe Restaurant, where you can blissfully linger past 11pm.

MUST TRY: The Tonquin Smash... house ginger beer, fresh fruit, crushed ice, and a cinnamon stick. Spiced heaven in a glass.


6. Party Late Night Style at Wolf in the Fog 

The upstairs at Wolf in The Fog might be the most turned-up spot in town. The drinks are killer, and the late night food menu is a far cry from greasy donair or pizza (there's a time and place for everything.) 

If you've got a group of hungry meat-eaters, order the "Block Party" (a massive skillet of BBQ ribs, pulled pork, fried chicken, cornbread, and smoky kale, served with a side of watermelon.) It's the best Southern-style block party spread this side of the Mississippi, and it's available after 10pm. If plants are more your speed, they've got a stellar local seaweed salad. 


7. SUP to a Private Beach

Rent a paddle board from the Tofino SUP Shop in the Best Western at Mackenzie Beach. Paddle around the point, out and to the right, for access to a more secluded beach that's otherwise private hotel access only.


8. Eat Key Lime Pie at Sobo

Four out of four only slightly hungry people said that this was the best key lime pie they've had in their lives. Sobo's welcoming, airy feel makes lunch or dinner a good idea, too (especially if you're one of those people that won't just eat pie as a meal...) Their menu features creative, local seafood dishes and a knock-out bakery selection, to boot. They even have their own cookbook! 

We also tried gooseneck barnacles here for the first time, and despite their appearance, they were delicious.




9. Take a boat to Hot Springs Cove 

This excursion takes a full day (about noon-6pm) and costs around 120 bucks, but it defines a "once-in-a-lifetime kinda thing." The boat rides takes about an hour and a half (not for the faint of stomach) but you get to ride the open ocean, and boats will detour if they catch wind of orca or black bear sightings from other boats. We saw a pod of six orcas and rafts of otters floating by, all holding hands so they don't drift away.



Once you arrive, you wander along 2kms of enchanted boardwalk to the hot springs, which are actually six little, connected pools. They fill up from a hot springs waterfall that begins at the first pool and flows all the way out to the ocean. It's as magical as it sounds. There's also a secret rocky beach worth checking on the way. 


MUST BRING: water shoes and bug spray. The algae in the springs feels amazing once you're settled in, but it's slippery when you're trying to scout out a spot.


10. Do The Drive

There are no services on the last stretch of highway to Tofino, which is about 83km. If you ferry over from Nanaimo, stop in Port Alberni to fill up the tank, and grab a dope breakfast sandwich at SteamPunk Cafe. It's served on a cheese bun. You're welcome.

Summer Solstice Rituals

June 20th marks this year's summer solstice, and we'll be celebrating with Eastwood Cycling over spin, yoga, live music & fresh juice. Spots are limited and the last event sold out quick, so hop on it by heading here.

We've all partied hard given much less of a reason than summer solstice, why not take a hint from the ancients and celebrate the longest day of the year? Here are some traditions to inspire your own unconventional summer solstice celebration... (source)

 via  Pinterest

In ancient Greece, summer solstice included a festival to honor the agriculture god, Cronus. It also marked a one-month countdown to the opening of the Olympic games. In the days leading up to summer solstice, the Ancient Romans paid tribute to Vesta, the goddess of the hearth, which included sacrificial rituals.

We'll take a pass on the sacrifice, but festivals and farm(-to-table restaurant) celebrations can totally take on a modern interpretation.

Midsummer was also a crucial time of year for Vikings, who would meet to discuss legal matters and resolve disputes around the summer solstice. They would visit wells thought to have healing powers and build huge bonfires, a tradition also practiced by Germanic, Slavic, and Celtic pagans.

Sounds like a good time to patch things up with a friend... and if that's not in the cards, throw a bonfire on the beach (fire bans permitting.)
 via  Pinterest


The ancient Chinese believed the sun was exactly in the middle of the sky at noon on summer solstice, marking the beginning of summer. They participated in ceremonies to honor the earth, femininity, and yin energy, whereas winter solstice rituals were devoted to the heavens, masculinity, and yang.

Hot springs + spa day, anyone?




It is believed the Druids led ritual celebrations at Stonehenge during midsummer. Apparently, this didn't happen at Stonehenge in particular, but ignoring the historians, many contemporary pagans and partiers continue to hit up Stonehenge to celebrate. In fact, Fox News reported that over 20,000 people have gathered at Stonehenge to honor the summer solstice.

The Druids may not have done it, but who's to say you can't? Happy solstice, enjoy the sunlight and live it up - people have already been doing it for thousands of years.

Studios We Admire

This summer, we're Embracing the Unconventional by taking our yoga experience outdoors. Join us at Vancouver's first exclusively open-air, back-alley studio in July and August for some blue-sky savasana. We'll be taking over a spot on Watson Street, throwing turf down and string lights up, as well as some special Social Yoga touches. 

Check out these five studios we're crushing on from around town and around the world. Even though we're not house shopping quite yet, when we do settle down, we want it to look a little something like this. 

Happy Melon Studios

Armadale, Australia


Sky ting

NYC, New York


Brooklyn Boulders

Somerville, Massachusetts 



San Francisco, California



Vancouver, BC

Catch us out back of the Little Mountain Shoppe all summer long. Snap up a membership here.

[photos from Instagram]


Or is it a revival? Either way, you know it's not a trend when the decades change and the game stays the same. No, we don't mean the fact that mom jeans perpetually come back into style, we're talking about The Anthropology Of Giving’s Write Love. 

 image via  Pinterest

image via Pinterest

On Sunday April 17th, from 2-5pm, they're about to take y'all way waaay back (maybe not that far back), but this isn't your average writing gathering.

All supplies are provided for you to craft hand-written letters, or if you'd rather, to spill your thoughts on a vintage typewriter. There are also rubber stamps and washi tape (what?) for decorating, as well as tea and treats to keep you fed and happy while you let your thoughts wander. When you're all done, a postage stamp is waiting for you to send off your creation. 

 image via  Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Write Love is happening at Studio 126, and it's free! Register here. Seriously, what were you going to be doing on a lazy Sunday that can hold a candle to the timeless art of letter writing? (Don't actually hold a candle to it, we just think this is the coolest way to spend a Sunday afternoon.) Digest your thoughts and brunch at the same time, and make something memorable while you're at it. 

P.S. - THERE'S SWAG. The first ten letter writers to show up get a gift pack full of Snail Mail goodies.

[Tea] Party On at The Capilano

Even with The Sunday Tea Service Series starting in May, we couldn't wait to try all the incredible creations over at The Capilano. This indigenous-owned tea house and botanical soda company, run by mother-daughter duo Michelle and Paisley Nahanee, highlights the best of BC's native flavours. From ancient filo to vegan bannock with local spreads, The Capilano has something that's actually exciting for everyone. We booked a purely research-based tea party to... uhh... preview what the yoga and high tea series has in store. Let's just say May can't come fast enough.

So... "What happens when two Urban Native artists collaborate with their hereditary Chief and an eastern tea master in pursuit of deliciously beautiful beverages?"

Turmeric lattes with ginger, coconut oil, and honey definitely happen:

Along with bison filos topped with rose hip jam and sage chips...

But if you prefer your tea with vegan treats, there's freshly baked bannock (similar to a scone) slathered with East Van Jam's Raspberry Dandy:

... which you might be tempted to wash down with juniper rooibos iced tea:

And be sure to round off the meal with a lavender chocolate quinoa cake, some house chai chia pudding, and (yes "and," not "or") vegan cheesecake topped with blackberry rosemary sauce. Actually, make it two of the cheesecakes.  

If you book a tea party, you choose from two sets: Wild Meats & Treats or Plant Lovers Eats & Treats. Both come with a smattering of bite-sized sweet and savory pies, sandwiches, filos, and cakes, plus a steaming tea pot of your choosing. Hiking the Canyon, (stinging nettle, sumac, lemon peel, orange peel, rosehips and hibiscus) was our absolute favorite. 

Presented on a three-tiered platter, The Capilano's thoughtful and delicate offerings make for one edible experience we won't be forgetting. Spice up your Sunday brunch routine with an indigenous-inspired tea party. Bring someone you like and take your time. These treats are meant to be savoured. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.09.11 PM.png

In case you're drooling on the keyboard, no worries, you can book your own tea party here.
(photos via Instagram)


Last month we said no to fun (and no to booze), and yes to yoga with a solid crew of people both in Vancouver and around the world- hello to the gentleman from Texas! While our skin didn't get better nor did we achieve enlightenment, we did manage to save a few dollars, get more work done, and reset our alcohol intolerance- just in time for December parties (can't tell if that's a good thing or not...). Don't believe us on the benefits of snoozing on boozing? Have a read on what others had to say about their experience:

I’ll be perfectly honest – I don’t really know why I signed up for #NoFunNovember. I had been cutting back on the beverages for a while before that, and was feeling awesome (albeit slightly granny) about my newfound nearly sober state. However, I had never really committed myself to a full month sans alcohols. The thought of it always made me instantly roll my eyes. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of going out and trying to have conversations with drunken slurring strangers in dark rooms, I do love a good glass of wine at the end of a long week.

  image via instagram @amandarsinger

image via instagram @amandarsinger


As November was drawing closer and the reality of giving up my vino was too, I began to think that I probably wouldn’t be able to do it. But I did – and it was easier and more enjoyable than I anticipated.

Everyone has their thing - anyone who knows me well knows that I thrive on proving people wrong. To me, one person who doesn’t believe in me oddly gives me twice as much motivation as a room full of encouraging people who want me to succeed. Strange, but true. Thankfully #NoFunNovember was full of naysayers who continually doubted me when I said that I was going sober for the month. To be honest, these were people whose opinions I valued; but at the same time, I relished in the thought of rubbing it in their face when the clock struck December.

The most difficult part of the month were the social engagements.


  Photo via a good ol' google search of Lisa Frank

Photo via a good ol' google search of Lisa Frank

When the music is bumping and the energy is high and everyone else has a drink, I want one too! Going forward I realized that if I don’t feel like drinking, staying home and indulging in a Netflix binge is a perfectly acceptable (and affordable) choice.

The turning point in doing this came to me mid-month. For starters, I didn’t really think that I used alcohol to take the edge off. I rarely have more than one glass of wine at a time, so I felt like I had a completely healthy relationship with my friend ethanol. I began to realize that unfortunately this isn’t the case – I had to find other ways to take the edge off, de-stress and come back to a sane mind. I was able to make it to 15 yoga and fitness classes that month, and take some time to colour in my “adult” colouring book – to no surprise, I am still as terrible at colouring in the lines as I was when I was a kid. Patience is a virtue that I have yet to master.


  Hitting jar bottom via @ineeeda on instagram

Hitting jar bottom via @ineeeda on instagram

The very thought of that jar of wholesome chocolaty hazelnut goodness just waiting for me in my kitchen cupboard helped me get through many a day. It’s possible that I may have created a new (tastier) monster in my life. #NoNutellaNovember 2016, anyone?




Last month we said no to fun (and no to booze), and yes to yoga with a solid crew of people both in Vancouver and around the world- hello to the gentleman from Texas! While our skin didn't get better nor did we achieve enlightenment, we did manage to save a few dollars, get more work done, and reset our alcohol intolerance- just in time for December parties (can't tell if that's a good thing or not...). Don't believe us on the benefits of snoozing on boozing? Have a read on what others had to say about their experience:

My experience with No Fun November was completely different than I anticipated; it was easy! Drinking was less of a temptation then I expected it to be. I found it easy to socialize with my friends at parties while holding a glass of water, saying no to a drink became fun to see the expression on people's faces and I relived my childhood by only ordering virgin drinks at restaurants. Wow there is a lot of sugar in a Shirley Temple! It was the after that was difficult; I had changed.

No Fun November was perfectly timed for me, I was just starting to work on some personal growth and Anita’s journaling activities have really helped me figure out more things about me I didn’t know, or just forgot. I have been struggling with some confidence issues, which if you know me sounds silly, but it is all internal.


I coupled No Fun November with acupuncture, some tinctures and colouring. I didn’t do every activity Anita sent us, but it’s nice knowing that I have a few more activities to help me finish 2015.

On day one we wrote out why we were doing this activity and for me it was an easy response – I would like to complete a challenge for myself without falling to peer pressure. And I did, I was able to stay true to myself and no let outside forces affect my decision.

 2016 No Fun November? Challenge accepted!



Last month, we spent a weekend tucked away in a cabin on the top of a hill with 12 of the most incredible women around. We'll let the photos do the talking- here's a peek into what we got up to:




Big love to Jennifer from My Edible Advice for helping our main gal Jen with planning the meals. Groceries generously supplied by SPUD with extra help from Kits KitchenEat Grain, East Van Jam, and Livia Sweets. 

All photography by the talented Andrea Fernandez photography. You can view more photos on instagram by searching #SYGETAWAY

Cool Spaces - Shaper Studio Vancouver

We first heard about Shaper Studio Vancouver through our pals at the Lululemon LabShapers' Vancouver held their launch at the lab and since then, we've been following along via Insta. When Nate reached out about hosting a series in their space, we were quick to jump on it. If you haven't heard of these guys before, have a read below for a quick 101:


Shaper Studios is a surfboard building workshop + creative space where anyone can come and learn to make their own custom surfboard. We aim to teach people the fundamentals of shaping and glassing a surfboard. From high performance shortboards to the biggest longboards, our knowledgeable shapers / glassers take students from a - z. 


Surfing, obvs. But next to that, for me it was the drive to learn something brand new. After my first, i was hooked. Always chasing the perfect board, kind of like the illusive perfect wave.


No bad days. It can be shitty and windy and stormy but i'll still have 10 times the fun. 


I love meeting all the stoked surfers in Vancouver. The community has really come together to support us. Besides that, teaching a shaping lessons has always been more fulfilling than shaping for joe shmos. Everyone has a little shaper in them, it's our job to find it and bring it out. Oh and never having to buy a surfboard again, that's pretty rad.